Introduction to SHOPINPIN

SHOPINPIN is a third-party technology service provider.
We provide comprehensive SHOPINPIN custom development services, especially SHOPINPIN website development and SHOPINPIN mobile mall (APP, WeChat mall, WeChat applet).
Our goal is not only to be a well-known online e-commerce solution provider, but in today's competitive e-commerce market, we want to be the ideal companion for all e-commerce businesses.

Vision : To be the world's leading e-commerce solution provider.

Mission : To help all e-commerce businesses in the world operate efficiently and stably.


Build a set of highly standardized processes and a friendly customer service system.


Original business template

Plugin extension

Useful plugin extensions

Business service

Professional artificial technical service


Highly integrated solution

Digital Mall

Genuine self-operated independent mall

Site Management

Easily manage all your sites

Professional SHOPINPIN Service

No salesman, no sales, a team composed of many pure technical personnel, quick response, understand your needs in one second

Technical director reception

Every customer's questions and needs will receive professional answers and solutions from the technical director, and you can say goodbye to the sales of "one question and three ignorance" from other companies.


We are very persistent and only do one thing (SHOPINPIN development), we always believe that as long as we focus on one thing well, that is success

High standard project implementation

We adopt an agile development model to ensure the quality and progress of SHOPINPIN project development.